Saturday, November 25, 2006

Should I change my name to Travis?

Why does it always rain on me?
Rhino's school rugger match this morning cancelled due to standing water on all their pitches, could play, but the pitches would be un-usable probably for months.

So off the dog and I went to divide a ten rod plot and show a prospective tenant "her" bit of it.
Cut up some old galvanised metal water pipe and an estate agents post (gifted over the fence by person(s) unknown), then it rained, so we sheltered in our shed.
Went to Plot 11 and measured the front edge, got the three posts in, then it rained, so we sheltered in the shed.
Gaynor, her other half and his dad went by to start in Plot 1a, went and had a chat about the brambles and how I would get the fence sorted if they were going to clear them etc.
Went back to Plot 11 and measured the side, got the first two posts in, then it rained, so we sheltered in the shed.
Returned to Plot 11 and measured the rest of that side, got the rest of the posts in, then it rained, so we sheltered in the shed.
Back to Plot 11 and measured the other side, got one post in, then it really really rained, so we sheltered in the shed.
Went back to Plot 11 again and got the last posts in, then it rained, so we sheltered in the shed.
Gaynor and her working party gave up and went home, no shed.
The lady, Lisa, turned up while it was still raining, so while her twins amused the baby in its well hooded buggy we got wet looking at a patch of soggy muddy couch grass. Do her credit, she is taking it on, it is a Christmas present for her husband as the children are evicting him from growing veg in the garden at home.

Need to contact Uma and surprise her with a choice of two plots, rather than the last one.

Measured up the rest of the north fence that needs replacement, Gaynor didn't run away screaming when I spoke about the fence, the landlord might, reckon it needs four rolls of chainlink, four expensive braced posts, thirty plain posts and lots of postcrete.

It started raining hard again so I gave up and went home, dog dumped on the way and standing in the puddle next to the dog-poo bin I found the heel of my right wellie had split open.

Will try and estimate replacement hedging material tomorow. What chance it rains on me?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

In-activity - activity.

Greenhouse, nothing done.
Area around the greenhouse, laid a pallet down to get from concrete to door mud-free.
Allotments, dug up some carrots.
Too wet and soggy\on the clay for much else at the moment.

Showing new tenants around the vacant plots.
Plot 1a has been let to Gaynor.
Plot 11 is being divided into four 2.5 rod plots and should be let to Madaline, another lady and Uma, Thelma is sending me another waiter for the last bit as one person changed their mind.
Michelle and Steve are going to each take half of Plot 1 when the current tenant gives up in April as he has told me. Michelle has already met him and negotiated digging rights on the empty bits etc. Plot 2 is also supposed to be giving up in April, but not managed to see him yet, have a tenant lined up for it though.

Hedge and Fence.
Have agreement in principal from the landlord to spend some more money on materials for both, provided I do the installation. Sigh.
Still I have a cunning plan involving the new tenant of Plot 1a where the fence wire exhibits extreme religious devotion. (Its very holy)
If I help them cut back the brambles currently hiding the holes and half the plot, then produce the tools and materials it should be in their interest to help me put a few posts in and run some wire.

That pretty much covers the last few weeks.

Coming weekend.
Show the lady without a firstname above her putative plot.
Put some posts/pegs in to mark the limits of the four subplots of Plot 11.
Measure up for and cost out some posts, wire, postcrete, saplings and sapling-guards.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


First frost this morning.

White shed roofs, frosted rear window on the car, patches all the way down the railway line into Liverpool Street, sun was burning it off double quick though.

Not at work today due to morning into early afternoon appointment in central London, it finished on time so I managed to glean the afternoon to gardening.

Still quite cold and it got a lot colder as dusk approached, still that should reduce the risk of store rot. It has been so warm and damp recently that this is a nice change.

Cleared the greenhouse of remaining geraniums and succulents as well as onions, garlic, potatoes and squash. Cleared a hole in the garage, turned the upright freezer round to make the entire hole usable, then put the framework of my older growbag planthouse in the hole. The knackered cover went in the bin and the squash, onions garlic and some potatoes went on the shelves.

Cleaned the greenhouse thoroughly, inside and out, well all the bits I could reach on the outside. Managed to hit the end of my middle finger into one of the glazing bars hard enough to open a half centimetre gash just next to the nail.

In the process of all this I accidentally cleaned the back terrace, so the wife approved.