Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spray and be dammed.

Went to the DIY sheds to get a hose and a small tool, came away with replacement chemical proof gloves, riggers leather gloves, both keenly priced, a special offer hose on a portable reel which was cheaper than the same hose, 5m longer and a magnificent White Jasmine.

Used some Roundup 3000 on weed infested Plot 18, some naughty Dandelions on 18 and the redundant strawberry plot on the fruit terrace, which was heavily colonised by Dandelions and other stuff. Found myself wishing the bindweed was doing better so I could kill it.

Took the dog for a walk and then tried a really agressive policy on the sulphur candle with the small tool, BLOWTORCH time, this made everything glow nicely, but the blue flame then seemed to go out, due to lots of fumes from what had burnt a-la blowtorch I declined the dogs order to investigate and will look again tomorrow.

Potted the Jasmine into the last og Mondays glazed pots, was too dark to disentabgle it from its cane tripod and attach it to the trellis panel edging the terrace, so will do that tomorrow with a large G-n-T.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Invade the strawbs!

Not a command, a complaint.

Weeded the front, path end, of plot 17, which is a 3'x4' fcut flower bed, a cold frame and inbetween strawberries, guess what the damm couch was doing?

Yup, two foot straight in from the path before sprouting.

Left that nice and tidy, and took the supervisor for a walk, throwing her ball en route.

Tried a more agressive policy with the Sulphur candle, half a box of matches instead of the useless paper wick. They burnt down to the sulphur and went out. GRRRRR.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Non-moving Traffic

Spent over an hour going from the Saxon Inn roundabout in Harlow to the other side of the M11 junction, no visible cause for the congestion, came away with some rather expensive cast aluminium garden furniture, four chairs, one table and a parasol. Also three glazed pots and a couple of decorative plants for the terrace.

Had intended to do alot more, but coming home via Ongar to avoid the congestion caused more delays, but the queue in the opposite direction went a mile or so towards Ongar itself, so avoided a mobile domestic!

Potted up the plants and tried to fumigate the greenhouse with a seemingly non-flammable Sulphur Candle.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Tremendous fun on Sunday.

Spent Saturday helping at the rugby club for a TourAID tournament with teams from Botswana, India and West of Scotland.

Sunday, after an abortive two hours trying to start Slice-n-Dice I put him back in the shed and took Hacken-Slash for a spin. Mowed all of the main path with a Hayter Harrier, which means I collected the trimmings, so that took a while as it was only the second cut of the year.

Then went to work with Hacken-Slash, planting potatoes, managed four rows, still have to do my maincrop. Driving a computer does not prepare the arms for drawing out and earthing up.

Planted out my stored PigletWillie Banana Shallots to either divide up or go to seed, whichever.

Cut a good feed of Purple Sprouting Broccolli, which went down a treat with roast pork and roast potatoes with gravy.

The builders doing the terrace, different lot from those who did the extension, had finished the heavy stuff, so I was finally this weekend able to get into the greenhouse, possessing as I now do a terrace, with steps down to the lawn and no longer hosting a portaloo in front of the greenhouse door.