Monday, February 25, 2008

The power!

Of a rotovator should not be underestimated.
Got Hackenslash out today, most of his vital fluids had leaked out, so I refilled his chain case and topped up his engine with good oil and we set out to rotovate.
Did most of plot 17 and by rpior arrangement did a rod of Gaynor's plot for her.
My soil was rotovatable and Gaynor's was superbly so, on there Hackenslash almost swam, rotors out of sight except at the top of their rotation, just went six to eight inches down on 17.

The supervisor gave her grudging approval.

Two shots of the fruit terrace, showing how cold it is on the site, it sits in shade, in a frost pocket with an open east/west tunnel park which funnels the prevailing wind through.
I walked through Green Park in central London on Wednesday and their daffodils were in full bloom, not eight to ten inch high sprouts like mine.

Went home just as it started to rain.......

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Got there.

After the rhino played for the "B"s today at London Welsh, with a similar result to the national teams, he got two tries though, little high speed battering ram, anyway, I went up the allotment.

Damm cold, so I finished one side of the fruit terrace and left it at that before I got too cold.