Monday, May 28, 2007

Bit of break lately.

Since April I have been rather busy with clearing my late mother's house prior to contract exchange. Much ebaying, freecycling and bonfiring. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were a major blitz which completed the process with a skip and a hired van.

Yesterday I had a relaxed day of not really doing anything.

On the gardening front, between my last blog and todays I have planted out my sweetcorn, climbing frencg beans and some of my Pigletwillie banana shallot seedlings.

Today I are mostly been gardening in my greenhouse.
Which, fortunately for me has only one slight drip point and is very windproof.
I have:
  • dismantled the inner sanctuary, removed the growbag house to the path and disconnected the temporary leccie supply.
  • planted four bought in tomato plants in the side bed.
  • planted three peppers, hot, across the side of the end bed.
  • planted three more peppers, hot, in a growbag in the greenhouse.
  • planted three more peppers, hot, in a growbag in the growbag house.
  • potted up all my Crown Prince seedlings from tray to 3" pots.
  • potted on all my Butternut from 3" to 4" pots.
  • potted up my Sweetpea seedlings.
  • un-potted and discarding any duds sorted my spring bulbs.
  • planted ten French Marigolds amoungst the tomatoes and peppers.
  • potted up my sweet pepper seedlings, discarding all the smallest ones.
  • planted three sweet pepper seedlings straight into a growbag in the greenhouse.
  • potted on my daughters pet geranium, bought a few weeks ago.
  • potted on my "Queen of the night" succulent cactus.
  • sorted out the hose and soaked all the greenhouse beds, as well as watering all my potting / plantings.
  • filled all my watering cans and placed them in the greenhouse to get warm.