Friday, February 20, 2009

Walkies not diggies.

Went to do some digging today, no chance.

Surface was fine, not sticky, but the clods would not come off the spade.

After struggling with two 12' rows I gave up and went for a four hour walk with the dog.

How can a dog still manage to mark everything that takes its fancy after nearly four hours without a drink?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not given up.

2009, nothing started yet, beyond winter digging and cutting last years dead growth from the herbs and raspberries, with one nice hot bonfire of all the waste plus a couple of bust fence panels from home.

The site is a real frost pocket and our garden shares the location a few hundred yards along the shallow valley's south side.
Our back terrace and garden still have over an inch of frozen snow on it, but looking out of the french doors at the greenhouse down the bottom it is gleaming in the bright sunshine.

I am compensating for the poor gardening weather by building myself a workshop shed replacing the childrens playshed, which at 15 & 12 they have totally outgrown.