Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sun bathing pointer.

First some catchup pictures from the last couple of weeks.
Last bit of manual digging on 7th March.

12th April the inside of the greenhouse.

Around fifty of the Banana Shallots have now been potted on.

12th April the start of the bean trench.

Anti-fox precautions.

Plot 17 on 12th April

Plot 18 on 12th April.
Shows the eight rows of potatoes

Saturday 17th April.
Started by weeding between the Herb patch and the Leeks on Plot 18.

Then used Hacken-Slash, the Merry Tiller to go through the weeded area.

Later in the day got Slicen-Dice, the Howard 350, out and went over it again to get a finer tilth.

Final mechanical bit of the day

was to use the weight and power of Hacken-Slash to do as his name suggests and cut down through the now hardset ground on Plot 17 and complete the bean trench. Initial rotovation followed be lots of shovelling broken up soil out of the trench to enable me to finish off by rotovating the somewhat softer base of the trench, some lovely thick yellow clay was revealed.

Did quite a bit of tidying on the Dalek Sanctuary and moved the double-tyre planters from front-left to rear-right as viewed from downslope.

Also took the wooden coldframe home, but have not yet set it up.

Sunday 18th april

Dug up my autumn fruiting raspberry, gained from Freecycle, out of its temporary home in the greenhouse border and installed it in one of the double-tyre beds.

Weeded my way through the half of the brassica bed next to the main path and composted the spent cabbages and brussel sprouts, leaving the Curly Kale and Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Trevor, my three down neighbour, had a load of manure delivered round the back and some was still there today, so I asked if it was surplus to requirements, no it was to be bagged today, fair enough, don't ask don't get.

I think he ran out of bags, as late in the day his other half called to me over the allotment fence that I could have what was left, which was three barrowloads, almost finished filling the bean trench with that.

Went home to baked salmon fillet, potato wedges and fresh steamed Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Gave Trevor as much PSB as we ended up eating as a thank you.

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allotments4you said...

wow you have been busy...wish my plot was looking this good...really need to get stuck into the digging now..I'm starting tomorrow!